2024 Key West Vacation Coupon Booklet

Are you seeking an opportunity to trim down your expenses by more than $1,000 on your upcoming Key West getaway? You've landed in the perfect spot! Exclusively available here, this is a bargain that you definitely shouldn't overlook!

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What Coupons are Included?

The following offers are included in the 2024 Key West Vacation Coupon Booklet. Yes! All of them.
*Due to seasonal price fluctuations, savings values are approximate.

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How much is the Key West Attractions Vacation Pass Coupon Book?

The vacation pass booklet is $54.99 plus shipping and handling. The shipping and handling is calculated at checkout depending on where it is being shipped.

Should or how do we make reservations to specific tours and attractions?

We strongly suggest you make a advance reservations for tours and attractions that have limited capacities and require reservations. You do not need to make a reservation to most museums. All tickets to non reservation based tours and attractions must be bought in Key West at their local booths or museums.

Is this legitimate or a rip off?

The Key West Attractions Association is a respected, non-profit organization that has served Key West Attractions for 40 years. We want to assure everyone that the Vacation Pass is indeed a legitimate deal. Other than a few blackout dates during the year there are no “catches” or “gotchas” using the Key West Vacation Pass. Just great savings on great attractions.

Why do I have to book directly with each vendor to use the coupons?

First, the Key West Attractions Association is not a travel agency, attraction or tour operator. We are an association whose mission it is to promote attractions and tourism in Key West. As an organization we have no ability to take reservations or bookings from the public. And generally, third party booking companies do not accept coupons. The Vacation Pass Coupon Booklet requires direct bookings only because direct bookings have the lowest overhead for our attraction operators and are the only way these deals can be offered.

What are there blackout dates?

The 2023 Vacation Pass and its coupons are valid through December 15, 2023 subject to the following Blackout Dates: Easter Weekend (April 4-9), Memorial Day Weekend (May 26-2), Fourth of July Weekend (July 1-4), Labor Day Weekend (Sept. 1-4) and Thanksgiving Weekend (November 23-26). The coupons may be subject to other blackout dates or further restrictions. It is the holder’s responsibility to check with each “Members” ahead of time. Please check “Members” for the opening and closing dates and times before visit. Please note that not all attractions are open all year. For the avoidance of doubt, the full value or any part of the value of the Vacation Pass will not be refunded nor will any compensation be payable if any of the “Members” are no longer available or closed during the year.

How long does it take to receive my pass?

Typically, you’ll receive your Pass within 7 days after payment is made via our secure website.  You will receive an email with the tracking information as soon as it has been fulfilled. Please be aware that the USPS has been lagging in deliveries recently. Orders could take longer than expected to arrive.

If I use these coupons do I go on a standby basis?

No! Purchasing tickets using the Vacation Pass Coupons is the same as buying a full price ticket (only way less expensive). The only limitation (other than blackout dates) is whether the attraction has space available when you make your booking. This is the exact same limitation you’d have if you were paying full price.

Can I download the coupons off the internet?

No, unfortunately. An original copy of the coupon has to be presented at the ticket booth. Please see our terms and conditions section for more information.

If I buy one pass, how many people is it good for?

One pass/coupon is good for two people and can not be combined with any other discount offers. Must pay full adult fare.

Do you suggest making a reservation?

Yes! But only to the tours that require them. You do not need to make advance reservations to any museums or land based tours.

What are your office hours?

We have someone on standby to answer any questions Monday-Friday from 10am-5pm (Eastern Standard Time).  We are closed on all major holidays. If we do not answer the live chat, please email us at director@keywestattractions.org

If I just found your site and I am leaving for my trip within 7 days, can I get it delivered to my accommodation or pick it up locally?

Due to limited staff, we do not have the option for any local deliveries at this time. We do offer a pick up option that comes with a $5 handing fee. Please contact director@keywestattractions.org for more information.

Can I purchase my tickets in advance?

For tours that require reservations, purchasing them beforehand is recommended, but for all other land-based tours and attractions, they must be purchased on the island and the coupon is required at the time of payment.